Our Crafty Corner of the house!

Our Crafty Corner of the house!

Monday, February 21, 2011

This is where it happens.

My teenage daughter Lindsay is an avid scrapbooker... We had a room in our house that was not being used so when I would watch her my creative juices started to flow. Well nobody told me that when creative juices flow a lot of trips to the craft store are involved... before I knew it the room was being cleared out and painted and carpeting put in because of course the carpet that was in there didn't match the paint color. Storage cubes were put together and put in and 12 hours later we wound up with this room. Ever since... I have not been able to go a day without being in this room at one time or another. I love it because my daughter and I spend time together doing something we  love... Its hard to get a teenager to do anything with you. She will be off to college this summer and I will miss her dearly but I'm hoping she wont be able to be away from our little room for too long either... of course she is the "Scrap Queen" so that is her side of the room... and Me I'm the paper addict so that is my side of the room. Every time I go to the craft store I come home with at least two new stacks. I hope you will enjoy my blog.


Lindsay said...

Hi mommy = )

Linda said...

Hi Lindsay thank you for visiting my blog xo

mw_scrap said...

Hey there Ladies glad to see you have a blog...I wish you lots of luck...:)